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Monday, 6 August 2018

Satya Chai Lounge


I love the fact that someone has actually represented Indian taste in a new innovative ambiance here in Auckalnd. Coming from Jaipur and how fast new themed cafes and lounges are opening, I so much enjoyed this place!
It’s located in a hidden alley just next to it’s main Satya South Indian Restaurant on the main road of Sandringham Shops.

Ambiance : Wooden furniture, beverage cans, twinkling lights, rugs, fresh plants and modern music sets an atmosphere of a live backyard party.

After reading so many articles, reviews on Zomato this was on our list and finally we visited!

So it was not busy during that time and we got ample of space to chose where we wished to sit!

It gives you a modern yet authentic feeling with the statues of Lord Ganesha and pots decorated.

Food : Indian-Chinese food is my personal favorites and this place left me smiling.

We ordered Chicken Manchurian which was our winner :) So fresh, so balanced and authentic. The spice and garnishing was just perfect. The presentation of the dish was also very nice.

Masala Chai well this was a must to try because I am a Chai person and it was nice trying a perfectly blended tea on a cool spring evening.


I would recommend them to serve it in a clay pot or Kullad cups to make it look even more authentic :)

Rose Shake This was just to try a cool drink from their Menu. It felt more like a Rose milk and was quiet refreshing. Definitely a nice summer cooler that can never go wrong.

Pricing : I think it’s very economical and a really nice place to go for a brunch or just to catchup with your friends.

Service : When we were there, it was empty that time but had slowly began to get busy. There was only one guy, so the serving was a bit slow and I guess they were short staffed.
We had ordered Dahi Puri’s aswell but after all these dishes still it was not served. We were disappointed by the fact that we had told the guy serving us that we need to leave soon and we were there for 45 mins but still couldn’t try. The guests who came after us got their order served first. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Dahi puri order. Well that won't stop us from going there. Looking forward to try Dahi Puris next time and  other snacks too! Overall this place is not to be missed.

Would definitely recommend this amazing place ( Mini India ) 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Recipe : French Toast in 10 minutes

 Hey, guys, I made French toast today for breakfast and I realized I did not have all the key ingredients like classic one demands but still managed to make a pretty good one.

I did not have vanilla extract/essence neither cinnamon powder so instead used tiny pieces of cinnamon sticks.

Ingredients :

  • 2 pieces of Wholemeal grain bread or any bread of your choice
  • 2 spoons of caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 5 tablespoon of milk (Milk makes the bread soft)
  • 1 drop of Vanilla essence (I did not use in this one)
  • Cinnamon powder if you want a tinge of flavor
  • Butter or olive oil butter
Steps :
 Beat the egg yolk with sugar, milk, and cinnamon powder or vanilla essence.
Heat the nonstick pan and add butter and let the butter melt.
After the butter has melted, Dip a slice of bread in the beaten egg mix and immediately place it on the pan. Make sure both the sides of the bread is dipped nicely with the egg batter and cook on both the sides at a low heat
So the same with other slices. 

Serving options:
Serve the French toast with cream, jam or Nutella and you can also sprinkle sugar powder on it.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Petal Cupcakes

I would definitely recommend all Cupcake Lovers to try this place, They sell a nice combination of flavors and their design and frosting make them stand out in Auckland. 
I don't have a sweet tooth so I found the frosting very sweet but the good side was the flavors were amazing If I ignore the sweetness I have to admit their frosting is rich and nicely blended.
My cake was very yum, I tried the Tropical Mango cupcake which had a nice subtle banana flavored cake and Mango-Orange frosting on top.

Hulucat Tea + Mocktail House, Auckland

I am giving a 3.5 because I found the Chocolate Milk Tea tastier than Chatime.
I asked them for a 25% sugar. Since I don't like vert sweet drinks.
My Chocolate Milk Tea was Fresh, Chilled and Delicious! A very refreshing Frothy drink.The taste was chocolaty like any chocolate milkshake but more watery and icy.
The other drink we tried was the Famous "Orignal Pear Milk Tea"
It tastes like the original English tea mixed with chilled milk and ice and topped with chewy tapioca pearls.It is one of the most popular drinks.
It has a sweet aroma to it.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Chatime,Queen Street-Auckland

Location: Chatime,Queen Street,Auckland

Price: $5-7 for one drink.

Rating: 2.5/5

Review: I tried their Chocolate Milk Tea to be on a safe side.There is a craze for Bubble Teas in Auckland. This brand is known for its different variety of Bubble Milk Teas. To me it tasted like a chocolate milk powder mixed with cold water and ice.
I am looking forward to try their Original Milk Pearl Tea.

No.1 Pancake,Auckland

So,I was having a craving for Indian stuffed bread ''Paratha'' andwas searching for Menu's in Zomato when I came across reviews saying this place in Auckland CBD has similar food.
I went out to try their Chicken Pancake and Potato Pancake.

Location: No.1 Pancake,Lorne Street,East Wellesley street,Auckland CBD

Rating: 4/5

Food: I tried their Chicken Pancake which was very scrumptious and a good deal.
it costed me $4.50 which was a single medium size flat bread with a nice subtle filling of grated chicken in their Korean style spice with vegetables.
If you are Indian,this is something similar to Mughlai Paratha.
I will give 4/5 for this pancake.

Potato Pancake, I found it too plain and messy to eat.The mashed potato filling is too soft and makes it slippery to eat.It gave me a cheese potato taste.
I ill give 2.5/5 for this one.Potato lovers will love this.
 So ll their Savoury Pancakes come with Cheese filling as well,Upon your request they make Pancakes without cheese.
I ordered both the Chicken and Potato one without cheese.

Price:Their Savoury one is $4.50,Ham&Cheese,Chicken,Potato,etc.
The Sweet one is $3.50 and if you buy 3 Sweet Pancakes then it would be for $10.Classic,Red Bean,Chocolate,etc.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Durello Cheese-Chicken Bites

This Brazilian dish was really yummy.

Its called "Coxhina" which is a cheese-chicken stuffed mini balls deep fried.
Crunch and mouthwatering.The melting cheese will make you gobble all.
Location: Durello Brazilian Delight,Queen St,Auckland